The Separation of the Loved Ones 2015

Video, 5 min

I live upstream;

You live downstream.

Daily I miss you so.

We drink from the same flow.

When will the river no more flow?

When will my grief no more grow?

I wish your heart will be like mine,

Then not in vain for you I pine.


Busuanzi, by Li Zhiyi


The video of The Separation of Love is one part of the project Dukkha, which depicts eight sufferings in Buddhism (birth, ageing, sickness, death, separation of love, denial of desire, lasting hate and over-reliance on five senses). The gesture is inspired by Li Zhiyi(1038-1117)’s poetry Busuazi, describing two separated lovers sharing the water of the same river. In the video, the artist draws a goldfish (a symbol for beautiful wishes in Asian culture) with a traditional brush and black ink, leaving marks on the surface of the frozen river. When the ice starts to melt, the ink fish starts to dissolve, and it is washed out by the splash of water. The black ink goes along with the river till far invisible.